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This framework was born out of necessity. We needed talent and we needed an alternative way to find it as the traditional approach wasn't giving us the results we desired. 

To date, this program has been wildly successful and we consider our current cadet one of the business's greatest assets

I designed this recruitment framework to find that “diamond in the rough”, the “rose within the thorns” or whatever other analogy you like to explain that in a sea of inexperienced people who want a chance, this is how you find the best one, in a time-efficient way.
The framework covers outreach, marketing, and a multi-step recruitment plan. It’s also completely modifiable so you don’t have to be in IT for it to work for you.
I’ve worked for large corporates that have programs like this that are on a much larger scale, but I couldn’t find one that fit what I needed.
So, I built it.
There’s a lot of history around the creation of this program and why I have invested my heart & soul into building it. If you want to read about the background scroll to the bottom of this page where I deep dive into my motivations, why I was so driven when building it and why I love it so deeply.




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The background story

When I moved back to New Zealand 2 years ago and settled in a town called Whangarei, the first time I had to recruit for my employer I was amazed at how few candidates we were getting. I checked that we as a business were doing the basics, but then I had to get creative.

The idea was floated that we might create an internship program and the ‘Professional Cadetship Program’ was born.

To say I took this idea and ran with it was an understatement. High School was not for me and it was not for a lot of my friends. One of my close friends was a bit of a computer whiz but he also had a problem with authority, his natural talent in IT was used to get him into trouble, rather than being redirected and nurtured to his full potential. After school I imagine he floated around the world without a purpose and without knowing how to apply his natural talent.

I was similar in some ways- I was beyond bored at High School and didn’t learn the way education was prescribed in the 90s. I was lucky in that my parents somewhat understood why the traditional schooling system was never going to work for me and they offered me an alternative way to continue my education. When I started creating this program all I thought of was if something like this existed when I was a teen what a better way it would have been to direct our unrest.

My passion very much lies with making this industry accessible to underrepresented groups. Something about finding a super clever kid that’s in need of an alternative solution ignites a part of my soul. Personally I don’t think there should be any environmental barriers to someone being eligible for an opportunity, whether they are a young parent, from a family structure that needs them to stay close, or a "naughty" kid that just can’t learn in the school environment. It is my opinion that if they are a decent human and have the intelligence and the keenness to learn, then they should be able to have the same opportunity as everyone else.

The first year we ran this program the top three candidates were all so exceptional I would have taken them all if I could. 

The other motivator for this program is about our community. Whangarei doesn’t have a university and is mostly trade focused, but our region is also experiencing huge growth. A lot of our candidates didn’t want to have to relocate for their education, and a career in technology shouldn’t be limited to having access to a university.