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I operate more as the background conductor but I would love you to know more about me.

I am Anna Scripps-Hellier and I was born and mostly raised in the “winterless north” of Whangarei.

I left Whangarei at 17 for university and after a year or so found myself on the way to the UK. After some time in the UK my journey took me to Noosa in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. After a few years waiting tables at one of the best spots Noosa has to offer (if you’re ever there please go to Season Restaurant on Hastings Street and The Spirit House in Yandina) I was head hunted by Commbank and so my corporate career began.

From the Commonwealth Bank I moved to Youi Insurance and started to really hone my customer service and dispute resolutions skills. A move to Brisbane prompted a change of employer and I was fortunate enough to join Sunsuper. Working for Sunsuper was where I really started to develop my values and was supported through a time of accelerated personal growth. My time at Sunsuper provided me with significant education and experience in dispute resolution and IT technical support - it was during this that wellbeing started to feature in my world. Seeing the struggles our customers were having and the personal toll our work was taking on the team, I started to get involved in workplace wellbeing, diversity & inclusion.

After many happy years at Sunsuper I was given the opportunity to join Price Waterhouse Coopers AU and my work life become unstoppably intertwined with workplace wellbeing, health and personal happiness; this led to being recruited into Springday, a SaaS business that specialised in Wellbeing for large corporate employers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

I moved back to New Zealand 2 years ago and joined a medium sized IT business and found what I had been looking for. I love the work I did in corporate but I also love the vibe of the smaller business and being able to see the real and meaningful change I can affect in people’s lives.

My roles in the last few years have varied between client management, general management, project delivery and people leadership; all of which have been wellbeing centric. I have lead teams within the UK, AU, NZ and PHP and the formula remains the same; wellbeing and personal happiness in your team leads to success in your business.

My personal journey through wellbeing has seen many ups and downs but one thing has remained consistent, when I make time for my own wellbeing, and work for a business that promotes my health I am successful not just at work but at home.  

The wellbeing activities I enjoy are tramping, ocean swimming, horse riding, boxing, yoga, collecting vinyl’s, stock piling books, having new experiences with my family, traveling and excelling myself in my education and career.

I am a founding member of The Northland Wellbeing Collective and love meeting, learning from and working with other industry professionals!